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« Always be a stranger in a strange land. »

Do you allude to the verse from Exodus or the sci-fi novel with the same title? Could you rephrase this for me?

Originally Exodus, but now it’s a common phrase. The meaning is: Always be in a place you don’t know — a place that seems strange to you — where you seem strange to them.
« From France, learn idealism and resistance. »

Resistance as in “Full commitment to what you believe in, unwillingness to change your opinion”?

Yes, like that, and fighting for your rights. Not just accepting what the more powerful are insisting must be.
« People say they’re not doing the work because it’s hard. »

This paragraph can be interpreted in many ways. Could you explain it to me in other words?

They say they’re not exercising (or studying a difficult subject) because it’s too hard. But it’s too hard because they have not been doing it. If they started exercising, or studying a difficult subject, it would be getting easier by now.
« “What did she say?” »

According to local conventions it’d be more grammatical to inset a line break before a dialogue. If it’s not possible, ignore this comment, if it is, let me know and I’ll change punctuation.

Good point! I think I’ll make that change for English, too. Thank you for pointing it out.